Personally Speaking

Personally Speaking

Personally Speaking

A relic of the ’60s, here’s the short version (I sometimes can be merciful) of the four major periods of my life–my three (and counting) careers to date, plus my early years. I’ll begin with my writing career to spare those who would be utterly bored by the rest.

The Writing Life

Other than a few manuscripts sold as a sideline, my professional writing career began in early 1990, when I sold a story to the modest Shareware Magazine. (Like a dozen publications since then, I managed to kill off this one a couple of years later.)

Within a year, I was freelancing full time and selling two syndicated columns, feature stories, and reviews to a variety of smallish publications in the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and Canada. During that period, I also held the position of International Editor for two publications.

Early 1993 marked a key turning point. Thanks to a kind editor who apparently saw some hope in me (and who is too modest to be named), I entered the big leagues of computer publications via PC Magazine (U.S. edition). That publication remains one of my markets, accompanied by sales to other major periodicals.

Late 1994, thanks to the same editor, marked another turning point, this time into the world of books. Since then, I’ve edited and authored a mix of books and magazines, and haven’t looked back. More details about specific book and magazine credits are found (where else?) in Jerry’s Books & Articles section earlier on this page.

Beginning in the Spring of 2000, on a contractual basis I also serve as managing editor for various book publishers and consult with private clients, assisting with their media-related needs, designing Web sites, and more. Throughout my careers, I’ve been addicted to diversity as the spice of professional life.