Today’s Tidbits


Today’s Tidbits are eclectic odds and ends…more or less anything that crosses the mind of one of my schizoid personalities. Newer announcements generally appear first.

Have I run into cool software or Web sites? I may highlight them here. (Vendors: What’s your latest cool product?) Or, from time to time, you’ll find a snippet of humor, a morsel of information that doesn’t quite fit elsewhere on this site (or has yet to be integrated there), or a dash of ??? Finally, when I make significant changes to this site, I generally announce them here. Today’s Tidbits don’t always change daily (more like weekly), but check frequently.

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“So, What’s New with You, Jerry?”

Mostly, I currently write reviews and feature stories for major online portals, such as those of CMP and O’Reilly. Here’s a summary of my recent types of projects for those who are curious. I also include a few tips for software vendors and PR folks who want to take advantage of me and my current editorial needs.

  • My bills at the moment are mostly paid by writing feature stories for InformationWeek and various CMP TechWeb Pipeline portals. You can browse my recent stories by clicking either of these links and entering only my last name in the portal’s search box.
  • I also write more reviews of desktop software than my fingers should have to type. The same procedure as noted above will pop up many of my recent reviews. In particular, I have an endless need of software for my biweekly Hot Apps column for CMP’s Desktop Pipeline. They are reviews with an attitude, based on my 20 years of computing. I also contribute reviews to other publications.
  • I’ve also begun to write reviews about hi-tech hardware gadgets, with few limits on what “gadgets” means.
  • Further, I’ve again begun writing, editing, and providing consultation services for private clients. It’s been awhile and is a delightful change!
  • I also serve as Webmeister for two Web sites.
    MicroVision Development

PR reps: The most effective way to capture some of my editorial mindshare is to contact me with a brief email about your story idea. I rarely open attachments, chase hyperlinks, or read multiple screens unless the top of the email’s body text grabs my attention. Note, too, that I tend toward writing about subject matter that I haven’t covered recently, though I make exceptions.


All About Microsoft Word™
Your Complete Word Resource Center


If you haven’t visited this site’s All About Microsoft Word pages, check them out. They contain more than 100 pages of useful information, including scores of practical, detailed tips and free chapters from my bestselling book. When my schedule permits, I have a ton of additional material to post online. I’ll announce additional details here as updates go live. Meanwhile, from time to time you’ll find temporary Word-related tidbits here that you won’t find elsewhere on this site.

Meanwhile, if have a specific question about Word, you can usually find the answer in Microsoft’s free, online Knowledge Base. Fortunately, if you’ve found it challenging to ask the right question, BkAlertz.com provides a free, third-party solution. In essence, it grabs and emails you the new and updated Knowledge Base articles for just the Microsoft products that you select each day.

Microsoft Word

Jerry’s Favorite Web Picks


In my role as reviewer, computer industry observer, and all-around scrounger of addictive online information, I regularly run across hot Web sites. (Actually, the details tend to be thrust on me in countless wire services, news releases, and other missive missiles.)

I update my list of useful sites based on personal experience and what I hear on the electronic street. See if my eclectic interests match yours. Check it out and bookmark the page. (That’s what I do to jump to my fave sites.) Please note that I update this list based in part on feedback from you, this site’s users. Contact me if a URL has changed or you believe its description is no longer current. My site is a community effort.

Thanks to You, We’re #1

Your kind patronage has kept us on course for a record-high number of page views. So I couldn’t resist seeing how well we’re ranked by the major Internet search engines. Guess what? This site was ranked first in its category at all of the following search engines!

  • Yahoo!
  • All the Web
  • Google
  • Teoma
  • Lycos

And just for good measure, we were ranked second at AltaVista.


Need Web Site Design?


My own site began in the Dark Ages of the Internet as bare-bones “nothin’ but the facts, ma’am” pages. In response to your patronage, the site has evolved into 100+ pages and a roughly equal number of support files. I can’t claim the site’s design has kept pace, mostly because major redesign would require two weeks of unpaid work.

I do, however, stay abreast of current design techniques, have written about them in books and professional magazines, and provide site design and maintenance services to private clients. I accept additional commissions for such projects–inquire. Check out my work for folk artist Sandy Andina, whether you’re interested in Web design services or are simply as much of a folk junkie as I am.

Need a Consultation?


I thrive on diversity. So, I take on a variety of private clients in additional to editorial projects. I’ve designed Web sites as well as a reviewer’s guide and other written materials for software companies. I’ve consulted extensively with software vendors when it isn’t a conflict of interest with current editorial projects. Check out the consultation page on this site. (Specifics apply not only to news media consultations, but also to Web design, Microsoft Word, and more. Contact me.)

Taming the News Media


While browsing this site, you’ll run across ample references to my how-to book about developing a successful news media campaign,Taming the News Media. While you can apply the principles in the book to virtually any type of media effort, those involved in the technology industry will find the book particularly appealing. Portions of the book as well as selected advice and techniques are available on this site.

I sell the book on consignment from the publisher, which has slashed the price on remaining copies in half. (Even greater discounts are available in quantity.) You’ll find everything you need to make your ordering decision as well as links to related free stuff on this site. Even if you’ve already ordered, check out the free stuff, some of which isn’t in the book. Visit the Taming page.