Bail Hearing Lawyer Mississauga

Bail Hearing Lawyer Mississauga

What is bail?

Bail is written permission from a court, allowing a person charged with a criminal offence to be out of jail while they wait for their trial, or some other result in their case (such as a guilty plea or a withdrawal of their charges).

What happens at a bail hearing?

First ,the Crown presents the allegations to the court. Most of the time, the Crown will do this by reading out the allegations found in the police synopsis. In some cases, the Crown will present the allegations by calling a witness (or witnesses) to testify in court. This witness will usually be the police officer in charge of the investigation.

After the allegations have been presented by the Crown, the accused’s lawyer or duty counsel has a chance to present evidence. In most cases, the accused’s lawyer or duty counsel does this by having the accused or a potential surety (or both) testify. In some cases, there will be more than one potential surety called as a witness. The accused’s lawyer or duty counsel will try to convince the court that, if released on bail, the accused will obey their bail conditions, either on their own or with the assistance of a surety (or sureties) to supervise them.

When both sides are finished giving their evidence, they make arguments to the judge or justice of the peace. The judge or justice of the peace then decides to either release the accused on bail or keep them in jail while they wait for their trial or some other result (such as a guilty plea or a withdrawal of their charges). 

Why would the police decide to bring someone to bail court?

The police look at different factors in deciding whether to release an accused or bring them to bail court. For example, they might look at whether the accused has a criminal record, how serious the charges are, if the accused is already facing other charges at the time of their arrest, or whether there are reasons to believe the accused won’t show up for their court date. The police will consider these things when deciding whether to release the accused or take them to bail court. If the police decide to take the accused to bail court, this is usually called “holding them for bail” or “holding them for show cause.”

Our team includes criminal attorneys with excellent educational background, rich experience and notable achievements. We have worked on a large variety of criminal offence cases over the years and have represented people from all walks of life at bail hearings. Our rate of success is high because we have the resources and flexibility necessary to produce the best defence case quickly. Our core goal is to get the accused person released on binding terms which are as lenient as possible. You can rely completely on our skills, expertise and devotion to your case.

In addition to the short time available for building the case, the accused has the right of just one bail hearing. The person will appear in front of a Justice of the Peace or a Judge. The job of the defence is to make their case for the release of the accused while the prosecutor will argue for the person’s detention. When you choose Bail Hearing Lawyer Mississauga, you can expect to have the perfect defence. The professional who takes up your case will examine all facts and circumstances for developing the best strategy. The role of sureties is particularly important. A surety is a person who agrees to monitor the accused until the time of the trial comes and to ensure that they abide by the conditions of the bail. Your lawyer will work with your surety to prepare the person for the stand as well as possible. This is an important element of the case since the individual will be questioned as witness.

Despite the time restrictions, you will receive full personal attention from the lawyer who works for you and from all members of the support team working on your case. For us, it is of great importance, to establish effective communication with each client and their sureties. You will be welcome to ask questions and to request explanations at all times. There will always be someone competent to assist you in the best possible way.

You will get outstanding representation at your bail hearing. Your Bail Hearing Lawyer Mississauga will use all legal tools necessary for achieving your release. The professional will fight skillfully and with great determination. Rest assured that the strategy developed in advance will provide for all bumps that may appear on the road to success. Everything will be done to convince the Justice or Judge that you deserve to be released.

To secure legal representation at a bail hearing, call us now.

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