False Promises of Gang Life

False Promises of Gang Life

Parents may not realize this, but research tells us that the number one reason children join gangs is for a sense of family or belonging. Today’s working parents are busy. This isn’t wrong; this is necessity, but sometimes kids feel neglected or inadvertently get lost in the shuffle. Some children simply aren’t as outgoing as others and feel isolated or bullied at school. These kids can easily get discouraged and lonely. They are easy targets for the lure of gang promises. The reality of gang life is not what it may appear to be.

Young people are drawn into gangs because of the illusion of friends who “have their back”, money, respect and the glittery lifestyle some celebrities represent. There is not protection in a gang. As a matter of fact, there is much more danger in joining a gang than not because you and your family become targets for rival gangs. Entire families are put in harm’s way. Most young people never meant for siblings and other family members to be killed. They usually don’t realize the far reaching consequences of gang involvement.

There are so many reasons why people, particularly the young kids, enjoy the gang life. Below are just a couple of these reasons but that you can initially think of.

They want to be accepted

Being a member of a gang usually gives them the feeling of being accepted or a part of something, like a family. Those who are considered as the leader of the group are the “parents” while the rest of the members are considered as part of the whole family. Sadly, most of the members are from broken homes. They turn into gangs to have another family where they think they would be recognized.

They want to gain respect

Have you noticed how bully some of these gang members are? They want to get that respect that they can never have within their homes or within their old circle of friends. By having your “family” to back you up, you can have that power to get away from almost anything. People would fear you not because of your own personality but because of the gang that you have behind you.

Pressure from their peers

The gang life can start from peer pressure. If one of them joined the gang, he will try to influence others to be a part of this group as well. And because most of the adolescents have not figured out their own identity yet and all they care about is how their peers accept them, they were pushed to be one of them.

Trying out because of curiosity

The life of a gang member is a mystery for some. They want to explore a whole new world filled with excitement, thrills, and even danger at the same time. There also other young men and women who join the group as a result of fascination. You cannot remove this fact if you want to know the various reasons why do people join gangs.