Site Credits

Site Credits

Many vendors have generously contributed to this site’s development with complimentary products and services. Among them are the following, which deserve special mention.

MicroVision Development

MicroVision Development donated the HTML editor I use for most Web pages. WebExpress provides the basics (and usually much more) for the majority of pages, yet permits me to hand-code cutesy content when required or the whim strikes.

Wendy Peck

Wendy Peck, an independent graphic artist in Canada, has ignored requests for ideas to enhance some of the site’s graphics, instead doing all of the dirty work of polishing them herself and providing finished art, which you will find here and there on the site, in microseconds after my queries.

Curtis Frye

Curtis Frye (like Wendy Peck, above, in the past) has contributed many great Word tips to this site.

Thane Hubbell

Thane Hubbell graciously contributed code and advice for CGI forms and JavaScript on this site.

John R. Levine

John R. Levine, primary perpetrator of Internet For Dummies and all-around leading Internet guru, makes this site’s All About Microsoft Word™newsletter and discussion group possible on a cost-free basis by donating most of their automated subscription and distribution services.


Atomz provides the most effective results for searching this site’s contents when searching for straightforward phrases.


PicoSearch provides the best search of this site’s contents when searching this site with more complex queries (such as using Boolean operators).

Trend Micro

Trend Micro provides visitors to this site with up-to-the-minute information about viruses, including those that target Microsoft Office products, and lifesaver help when your computer is affected by a virus.


Micrografx has supplied various products, including Webtricity, that have made some of my graphics possible.

Ulead Systems

Ulead Systems has provided other graphics tools, which have been especially helpful in animating graphics.

Many thanks to these and other vendors, who have helped to make this site the enjoyable and useful experience that I hope I have provided you.