Virus Update

Virus Update

Real-Time Virus Update

This page offers three services, all compliments of Trend Micro, a leading antirvirus company. The first section will run a virus check of your computer. Later sections will help you learn about the status of contemporary computer viruses. Note that some of these services take awhile to download their necessary software components to your site the first time you use them. So a word to the wise: Use them once now even if you don’t feel you have an immediate need. That way, when you really need these services in the future, you’ll have far faster access to them.

Disclaimer for the litigious among us: Trend Micro’s services have impressed me for years, but I accept no responsibility for their services, including their ability to identify or fix viruses on your computer.

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Here are the up-to-the-minute Top 10 worldwide viruses as reported by the respected Trend Micro as well as their most recent 10 virus advisories. To learn about any of these viruses, simply click its name. To search for information about any other reported virus, enter the name of the virus in the search box below.

You may use the following drop-down pick lists to visually observe the spread of viruses via criteria of your choice on the map. (Note: If you have a slower connection or during unusually heavy traffic, the map may take 1-2 minutes to appear on your first call.)